All electricity consumers in Maine will automatically receive standard offer service unless they contract for competitive supply.

For Bangor Hydro Electric, Central Maine Power and Maine Public Service customers Standard Offer prices vary by rate class and are available on the MPUC web page.

The MPUC bids the Standard Offer Rates on a regular basis. Standard Offer rates are set independently by rate class and distribution territory for a specific period of time (usually a 12 month period).

Small Standard Offer
Includes Residential, Small and Street Light account classes, the MPUC receives bids usually in November/December for rates in the following year from January forward. In most years this is a fixed rate for 12 months.
Medium Standard Offer
All medium class accounts on standard offer will recieve monthly variable rates, each month the price varies but is known for up to 12 months. The price is highest in winter.

For more information on standard offer rates contact MPO.


To prevent customers from flipping from competitive supply to Standard Offer on a frequent basis, an “Opt-out-fee” penalty was established by the MPUC.

If you end a competitive supply agreement and return to Standard Offer you cannot then return to competitive supply unless you wait for a period of one year. The Opt-out-fee will trigger if you did not remain on Standard Offer for 12 months.