Maine PowerOptions is an energy-purchasing group that:

brings together almost 800 local governmental entities and non-profit organizations
analyzes the group's combined energy purchasing needs
provides members with negotiated terms and conditions
no auto-renewal in contracts and no "introductory rates"
provides educational materials
monitors the quality of supplier service and product
assesses the needs for new programs for members
Is a not-for-profit program operating under the joint authorities of the Maine Municipal Bond Bank and Maine Health and Higher Education Facilities Authority.

Becoming a member does not obligate you to enter into a purchase commitment or supply contract with Maine PowerOptions or its suppliers. Becoming a member provides you with the opportunity to evaluate any competitive supply offerings negotiated by Maine PowerOptions.


Maine's non-profit higher education institutions, non-profit healthcare organizations, cities, towns, counties, school systems, water and sewer districts, museums, cultural and scientific organizations, all other non-profit organizations and the University of Maine System.


Voluntary Participation
Joining Maine PowerOptions gives your organization the ability to evaluate a negotiated supply contract. The program is entirely voluntary. Your organization is not obligated to purchase energy from the consortium.
Member Involvement
Any contract negotiated by Maine PowerOptions is for the sole benefit of its participants. In support of that, it is important that program participants have ample representation as the Maine PowerOptions program is developed. For example, the electricity program uses an institutional advisory committee to help determine which elements of the program are important for their types or organizations. This institutional advisory committee consists of representation from the various member segments.
Low or Non-Existent Membership Fees
There are no hidden costs associated with membership in Maine PowerOptions. The program was created in order to return the savings and benefits to the participants.
Other Services
In addition to fuel oil and electricity, Maine PowerOptions is committed to providing assistance in other energy management programs as well as the development of new tax-exempt financing programs designed to support energy savings.
Access to Programs, Regardless of Organization's Size
Maine PowerOptions primary goal and legislative mandate is to provide program opportunities to all eligible organizations, regardless of size.


Yes, the one-time membership fee is based on your organization's annual electricity expense. The fee is non-refundable. Please refer to the Membership Fee Schedule.


By signing the Intent to Participate - Membership Application and becoming a member of Maine PowerOptions does not represent an obligation to purchase energy through the group. Members are given an opportunity to evaluate energy- pricing offers negotiated by Maine PowerOptions and decide whether to participate in the offering. It is important to us that you review the full contract terms and conditions before signing an energy supply contract.


There is no risk to your organization. Joining Maine PowerOptions allows your organization access to competitive supply contracts without having to commit to purchasing energy through the group. Please click here to learn more about the membership application process.