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How to Participate in the MPO Fuels Bidding Event: March 2024 MPO "Lunch & Learn" Webinar
3/13/2024 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Join MPO staff as we walk you through the process of entering your estimated fuels needs on our new website in preparation for our annual fuel bids day. Bring your questions about the process so you will feel prepared both before and during the event.

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How to Use Biodiesel to Replace Heating Oil and Diesel for Vehicles: February 2024 MPO "Lunch & Learn" Webinar
Rodger Strickland from Maine Standard Biofuels explains the difference between biodiesel and traditional fuels and how easily you can substitute a biodiesel blend into your heating and transportation systems with no equipment modification.
How is El Niño Impacting Electricity Markets? with Brandon Fong of Constellation - January 2024 MPO "Lunch & Learn" Webinar
Climate experts are expecting a “strong El Niño event” for this winter. El Niño refers to the natural climate system that appears intermittently every 2 to 7 years and has widespread effects across the globe, impacting everything from fisheries to international tourism…to electricity rates. Brandon Fong, Principal in Constellation’s Commodities Management Group will talk about how El Niño and other factors are affecting the commodities markets that determine electricity rates. All MPO webinars are recorded for our members to watch on demand, so all live attendees consent to being recorded by registering.
Straw-to-Gold: Turning Waste into Energy with Beau Hoffman of DOE-BETO - December 2023 Maine PowerOptions "Lunch & Learn" Webinar
PFAS destruction through hydrothermal liquifaction! Beau Hoffman, Technology Manager, Conversion R&D from the Bioenergy Technologies Office at US-DOE gives us an overview of the state of technologies for converting both municipal solid waste and (our favorite) biosolids into energy, as well as funding incentives for projects and a case history in Maine.
Reducing Costs and Carbon Emissions in our Buildings with Erin Camp, PhD of PowerOptions - November 2023 Maine PowerOptions "Lunch & Learn" Webinar
The Maine Climate Council’s 4-year plan for Maine (issued in 2020 and being updated in 2023), called, “Maine Won’t Wait” identifies a number of strategies to meet our ambitious climate goals. One of these, “Modernize Maine’s Buildings: Energy-Efficient, Smart and Cost-Effective Homes and Businesses” is expected to help us all reduce both our carbon emissions and our COSTS for operating our buildings. Many of us have already taken steps toward this goal and we may not be sure of what the impacts have been on our carbon emissions and our bottom lines. Erin Camp,PhD, from PowerOptions (serving MA, RI and CT) introduces a tool/service they offer, called a “building decarbonization roadmap”, that helps us not only to formulate our own plans but also to benchmark the point we start from so that we can look back and see our progress over time. PowerOptions works with you to identify a cost-effective pathway for you to reduce energy-related emissions from your buildings, then capture measures done to date, collect necessary information about the building portfolio, develop goals, and write a roadmap to put you on the path to reaching your goals.
Creating New Solar Opportunities for MPO Members with Walter Gray from PowerOptions MA-CT-RI October 2023 MPO Lunch & Learn Webinar
Walter Gray from PowerOptions in Massachusetts informs us about how MPO members can shift their electricity to more sustainable sources by participating in regional solar procurements. All MPO webinars are recorded for our members to watch on demand, so all live attendees consent to being recorded by registering.
Another Kind of Backup Power: Energy Storage Systems and Incentives, with Jesse Remillard from Efficiency Maine September 2023 MPO Lunch & Learn Webinar
Jesse Remillard from Efficiency Maine will talk about the importance of developing the ability to store energy and the assistance that is now available for MPO members to plan and implement energy storage systems. All MPO webinars are recorded for other members to watch on demand, so all live attendees consent to being recorded by registering.
Energy Grant Opportunities from USDA--Who Knew? with Morgan Holthan of USDA Maine August 2023 MPO Lunch & Learn Webinar
Morgan Holtham from the Maine USDA office tells us how to apply for grants under the USDA's Rural Development Community Facilities and Renewable Energy Development Assistance Programs.
Efficiency Maine Program Updates with Rick Meinking--July 2023 MPO Lunch & Learn Webinar
Rick Meinking from Efficiency Maine will be updating us on Efficiency Maine’s new incentives for businesses (including MPO members). Rick will focus on the electrification of heating systems. Heat pumps now come in many different packages, giving building operators a wide range of options to best improve their HVAC systems while lowering costs.
Community Action Grants with Brian Ambrette of the Community Resilience Partnership June 2023 MPO Lunch & Learn Webinar
Learn about grant Opportunities from the Community Action Grant program with Brian Ambrette, Grants Coordinator for the Community Resilience Partnership. Maine Climate Council program of the Governor's Office of Policy Innovation and the Future.
Maine Made Biodiesel with Rodger Strickland from Maine Standard Biofuels May 2023 MPO Lunch & Learn Webinar
Learn how you can substitute a blend of biodiesel made in Portland, Maine, from waste vegetable oil in your heating and transportation equipment for at same cost as traditional fuels.
Getting Paid to Reduce your Usage with Phil Ciulla from CPower April 2023 MPO Lunch & Learn Webinar
Learn how you can be paid by ISO-New England to lower your power demand during peak demand events on the New England Grid. CPower can analyze your usage history and determine if your facility can qualify for this revenue source.
Electricity Market Updates with Brandon Fong from Constellation: March 2023 MPO Lunch & Learn Webinar
Meet Mike Cloutier, our new accounts manager at Constellation and his markets analyst, Brandon Fong to give us an overview of how electricity markets work and what he sees in his crystal ball.