Energy is one of the most basic elements of our society today - it powers our homes, businesses and even our vehicles. However, energy production has become the major source of air pollution in the United States, harming our health and our environment. Gas, coal and other fossil fuels are the primary sources used in the production of electricity and are considered non-renewable (i.e. they cannot be easily replenished).

In the case of electricity generation, Green Power is generated using renewable resources, those that can be used sustainably; i.e. replenished at a rate equal to or less than the rate at which they are used, with the goal of having a lighter environmental impact and reducing harmful emissions.

Sources of green or renewable electricity include such sources as solar, wind, biomass, hydro, geothermal or municipal solid waste. There still exists a healthy debate regarding the labeling of some of these resources as green or renewable. All power generation sources have quantifiable environmental impacts with solar, wind, and small hydro production being the cleanest.

Recently, governmental agencies and non-profits have been promoting greener power through state, regional, and federal initiatives. Entities such as the non-profit Maine Green Power Connection and the U.S. Department of Energy’s Green Power Partner Program have active programs to promote greater understanding and use of green power. We frequently request Renewable Energy Certificate options for members and we can meet the needs of any LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) project in your community.


Maine’s existing small hydro facilities and wood-fired biomass plants use readily available renewable resources that have the added benefit of supporting Maine’s economy.

Wind farms, solar arrays and offshore wind development has taken place and continues to be developed in Maine. Maine PowerOptions members have been leaders in the State of Maine through their purchase of Green Power.


Maine PowerOptions members have requested “greener” electricity options for a variety of reasons including concerns regarding air quality, pollution related health issues, and depletion of natural resources. Maine PowerOptions has worked with Electricity suppliers to offer green electricity supply in the form of Renewable Certificates to members. MPO works with suppliers to develop products that best meet the needs of those members seeking renewable options.

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