How Do I Become a Participant in the Fuel Program?
To participate in the Fuel Program you must be a member of Maine PowerOptions. To become a member complete and return the Membership Application forms and we can provide you with the information to allow you to provide fuel information to us.
Is there a Fee to Participate in the Fuel Program?
No. There is no fee to participate in the Fuel Program, however you must be a member of Maine PowerOptions to participate. There is a one-time, non-refundable Maine PowerOptions membership fee that is based on your organization's annual electricity expense. The fee allows you to participate in both the Electricity Program and Fuel Program at no additional cost.
What Pricing Options are Available?
There are three pricing options:

Firm Fixed Price - price for fuel oil remains fixed for the length of the contract.

Floating or Indexed Price - price of fuel oil floats with the designated market index, with the overhead, transportation, and profit components of the pricing remaining fixed for the length of the contract.

Hybrid - This allows you to float price for a short time and lock-in later in the year. If pricing dips in fall, this may be an option to consider.

What Fuel Products are Bid?
Maine PowerOptions conducts a competitive bid process for heating oil #2, unleaded gasoline, propane, and diesel.
How Does a Supplier Know What I Want Bids On?
Each year, Maine PowerOptions initiates a Request for Proposal (RFP) process, by compiling participant's fuel oil needs and sending the aggregate usage information to a large list of interested oil suppliers throughout the state.
Can My Current Supplier Receive a Bid Package?
Yes, simply provide us with the supplier's name, the contact person, mailing address, and telephone number and we will include them in the next RFP.
How Long is a Price Quote Good for?
In recent years the volatility of the market has created larger swings in the daily price for Fuel Oil, Suppliers are unwilling to hold competitive pricing quotes for more than one day. On our fuel bid days pricing is received by us by 10.30 and we disperse that information to you as soon as we can, it will only be held until about 4pm at the latest.
Do I Have to Sign a Fuel Supplier Contract?
If the Supplier has agreed to use the MPO contract then you will sign a participant agreement with us and the Supplier will also sign an agreement with MPO. If the Supplier wishes to use their own agreement, you will be required to sign the agreement.
What is the Supplier Contract Cycle?
The 12-month Fuel Program contract cycle generally begins at the end of your current agreement, if there is no formal agreement a default date will be selected.
When is the Next Fuel Program Bid Cycle?
Maine PowerOptions begins surveying interested parties early in the year and prepares the RFP package for mailing to suppliers. At the optimum time, we contact interested suppliers with instructions to submit their price for the supply they want to bid on.
Who Do I Contact if I Have a Problem with Delivery, Supply or Equipment?
You should first notify the supplier and attempt to resolve the problem. If the problem is not resolved, you should notify Maine PowerOptions as soon as possible. Maine PowerOptions staff will help you find solutions to any problems that may arise between you and your supplier.
Who Will Handle the Billing? Who Do I go to with Billing Questions?
The supplier is responsible for sending you a bill. The Supplier Agreement outlines specific invoicing requirements suppliers must follow. You should first notify the supplier with any billing problems(s) and then contact Maine PowerOptions if assistance is needed.