The Maine PowerOptions Fuel Program is available to all Members including Maine’s non-profit healthcare organizations, higher education institutions, water, sewer, and school districts, municipalities, and non-profit 501c3 organizations. As with our other programs, the fuel program is voluntary. We have provided our members from year to year with considerable savings compared to market prices while providing continuing administrative support throughout the year.

Maine PowerOptions staff works with participating members to obtain their usage requirements for each product type, as well as delivery locations, times, and service requirements. This information then forms the basis of our RFP.

Each year, Maine PowerOptions produces at least one Request for Proposal(RFP) process on behalf of its eligible members for the purchase of fuel products. Maine PowerOptions will work with suppliers and watch market conditions to balance price conditions with member’s needs before determining the optimum time to solicit the RFP to suppliers statewide.

Members usage information is then put out to bid to interested local oil suppliers throughout the state, giving them the opportunity to bid on one or more of the Maine PowerOptions participating organizations. Typically bids are solicited annually from a large pool of fuel suppliers (we invite over 200 suppliers to participate) throughout Maine early in the year. We offer a wide range of pricing options as well as fuel products including #2 heating oil, gasoline, kerosene, diesel and propane.

Participation in the Fuel program has maintained a strong supplier and participant base from year to year.