Maine PowerOptions aggregation (MPO) is the largest electricity supply- purchasing consortium in the State of Maine. Since the deregulation of Maine’s electric industry, Maine PowerOptions has provided members with competitive pricing, stable contracts and risk management, and budget protection, as well as information about important issues such as energy related legislative actions, standard offer default rates, the energy industry and market trends.

MPO acts as an aggregator by pooling member electricity requirements, working with suppliers to negotiate the best combination of rates and terms. We watch market trends and track retail pricing to time pricing offers for members. Pricing offers are generally available to members three or four times per year depending on market conditions and members needs, unless requested specifically, each price offer provides fixed price options only. Individual pricing offers are available should a member require them, we can look at index-pricing, layered pricing or incremental buying options and a broad array of other selections. Members are never obligated to purchase through the program.

There have been significant savings opportunities for many of our members and as the market continues to mature, the number of members saving through the program continues to increase. To date, MPO has contracted well in excess of 40,000 accounts.

Maine PowerOptions obtains member guidance through a representative Institutional Advisory Council (IAC). The IAC helps MPO staff to understand member needs and provides feedback on Program activities. Current market complexity and potentially high market prices makes it more important than ever that MPO Members have an unbiased non-profit partner helping them to better understand the energy market and achieve budget protection and strive for savings on their energy costs.