Aggregation is a banding together of customers to purchase goods and services. Energy Aggregation offers individuals the ability to enhance their buying power with competitive energy suppliers by grouping their energy usage into a larger buying group.

Maine’s Electricity utility industry has been deregulated since 2000, since then all consumers in Maine can choose the type of electricity supply and which company will supply them with their electricity.

Consumers who make no choice will automatically receive the Standard Offer service or default price.

Aggregation offers increased benefits to participants as a result of combining each member's energy requirements into a larger buying block. In order for the aggregation to be effective, it must offer potential suppliers benefits that result in lower energy costs for the members.

These Benefits Include:

Predictability of Load
By properly compiling load data, the aggregation provides suppliers with greater predictability. With greater predictability, the supplier can better manage their energy purchases.
Size of Load
More is better. Larger blocks of power are easier for suppliers to acquire and move.
Reduced Costs of Marketing
An aggregation offers potential suppliers the opportunity to serve a large volume of customers at a fraction of the cost of marketing to them individually.
Additional Services
By serving the aggregation's electricity needs, the supplier has a unique opportunity to offer additional services to the members including demand response, renewable power and carbon footprint tools.